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Is There Hope For Us Humans?

Posted by Amy D. Todisco on Oct 19, 2017 5:20:18 PM

We are at a tipping point. 

How often do you read through your Facebook or Twitter feed, watch or listen to the news and think, we're all going to "hell in a handbasket?" Well, if you are under 40, you may not  know that expression, but essentially it feels like we are f*%$ed. These days it often looks as though the world is filled with hateful, selfish, authoritarian, racist, misogynist hypocrites that are only interested in themselves. Many of our leaders do not represent the majority of the people they are supposed to serve, nor do they even seem to care. The ugly aspects of our humanity are being revealed on social media and beyond. Are we doomed? What to do?

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Topics: making the world a better place for everyone, how to be a good leader, communication skills, equine coaching, leadership skills

Devoted To Eating Chemical Free Food? Apparently, You Might Have an Eating or Mental Disorder!

Posted by Amy D. Todisco on Sep 20, 2017 7:42:04 PM

File this under "RIDICULOUS!"

According to Dr. Max Pemberton, "“Long before ‘clean eating’ came on the scene, doctors like me would see some patients with eating disorders who would describe an obsession with trying to eat healthily. The difference now is that the whole clean eating movement gives them a veneer of respectability. This means they can easily justify their behaviour not just to themselves, but also their families.” 

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Topics: organic, organic food, eating disorder, mental disorder, synthetic pesticides

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